Hoodlum Fang is a brand drenched in colour, distinctive prints and classic fitness wear designs. Quality is of the utmost importance, each garment is handmade with care and dedication by the sole founder and creator, Chlo Hood. With print designs unlike anything you have seen before, digitally designed in house by Chlo also, Hoodlum Fang stands for boldness, confidence and strength.

Hoodlum Fang was originated from founder Chlo's desire to find fitness wear that was not only functional to fit their body well while they trained, but to also be comfortable and host some killer prints. Sick of buying fitness wear that would inevitably end up in the bottom of the wardrobe after one unsuccessful workout session, they set out to make their own fitness wear to fit their shape. Taking the skills they had learnt from University they set to work. It was only through speaking to their peers from roller derby, they soon realised that they wasn’t the only one who was struggling to find functional, well fitting fitness wear that was built to last. They felt they could help and from that Hoodlum Fang was born.

Years later, Hoodlum Fang now thrives in the Pole Dance community, producing new and fresh garments for a growing community of badass babes. There is something for everyone at Hoodlum Fang from shorts for beginners who need security and function in their workout wear to the seasoned pole dancer who wants to bring a sultry style to their outfit. Catering for all shapes and size, from standard sizes to custom fit available at no extra cost. Hoodlum Fang stands with badasses who want to get fit, do what they are love and also look badass while they do it.

About Chlo

About Chlo, owner and founder of Hoodlum Fang. Chlo is a heavily tattooed non-binary bald babe who lives in Portsmouth, UK with their two cats Mr Pickle and Miss Dolly. They spends most of their time pole dancing and cuddling the aforementioned cats, sometimes at the same time, and tending to their house plants. You can find Chlo on instagram where you can check out their freestyle pole adventures, online classes, pictures of their fur kids and newbie gardening skills. Follow them at @chlo_a_mood. Hoodlum Fang is solely run by Chlo and is a true one person run operation. Photo by @TheDanHB, book him for your next pole shoot!

You can also support Chlo by buying them a plant at their Buy Me A Coffee. You can also access their online classes, private pole lessons and other services they offer outside of Hoodlum Fang there!