Fabric Archive

From time to time we may take some of our fabrics off of our website for immediate sale to make room for brand new products and fabrics. But that doesn't mean they're gone forever! Below is an archive of all the fabrics we have ever created at Hoodlum Fang. All these fabrics are available to purchase across our range of products from leggings, shorts, tops, accessories, whatever your heart desires.

Some of these fabrics that you can not find on certain items on our website will be available to purchase as custom items. These will be the same price as the other items on our website but as they are custom items we may not have the fabric readily available so your items will take up to 4 weeks to be processed and shipped.

All fabrics with a letter before their name, for example "F.Blood" are for custom orders only and can take up to 4 weeks to be made and shipped. All prints below with a number before their name, for example "1. Crystals" are readily available in most items on our website as standard. 

If you wish to order any items in any of the fabrics below, simply order the styles that you'd like in any of our other prints (at standard pricing, for example High Waisted Cheeky Shorts at £28) and then leave a comment in the notes box at the checkout stating what fabric you'd like from the archive using the name of the fabric from the pictures below. If you can't find the notes box, please email us straight away at hoodlumfang@gmail.com.