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Our Brand Ambassadors

We at Hoodlum Fang love to celebrate you, and that is why our brand ambassadors are selected from some of our amazing customers. This group of badasses hold the same core values as we do with regards to equity, social issues and issues within our pole and fitness industry. They are a group of fantastic business owners, fitness instructors and activists. 

Shillo (she/her) (follow at @shilloamari)

Shillo Amari is a scientist during her muggle life, but her real passion is performing on stage and being able to teach others. She is from Detroit, MI and currently resides in Kalamazoo, MI, USA. She grew up loving music, and has studied the performing arts from violin, choir, modern dance and more. She's been pole dancing since 2015 and has trained on other apparatuses such as lyra, sling and trapeze. Teaching is one of her passions and you can catch her teaching and co-leading the competition team, at The Pole Barn in Lansing. You can also book her to a space near you because she offers traveling workshops such as Flexy Finesse, Freestyle & Flow and Plus & Proud. She has competed and medaled throughout the years at PSO competitions, and is always looking for new stages to perform and compete on. 

As someone who has always had curves, I stand for all bodies are good bodies. It's not about losing weight, it's about gaining the strength and confidence to navigate your body in its current state. We were made to constantly evolve, so why wouldn't our bodies have fluctuations? Why not radically love your body in all forms, and embrace it completely. I found and fell in love with Hoodlum Fang when looking for pole wear that fit me when I was at my largest and other brands didn't have the sizing I needed. I was amazed to see all the style options, patterns and colors and then the fact that custom sizing, scrunch butt and added garters was an option is what locked me in. The clothing is comfortable, secure and stylish. Plus I could tell from the beginning how much Chlo cares. Any question I had, they were able to answer. I am so happy to join as an ambassador and continue spreading how much everybody needs Hoodlum Fang in their pole and aerial wardrobe!


Drya (she/her) (follow at 

French Berlin-based software engineer for more than 10 years, I am also an intersectional afro-feminist, body-positive, and anti-racism activist. I spend my free time between my passion for movement and aerial art, and my activities in humanitarian associations. 

I believe in the power of representation and connected deeply with Hoodlum Fang work. The care taken in representing bodies looking more like me, and offering us options to also feel comfy and sexy in original aerial apparel, immediately spoke to me. I'm particularly grateful to Chlo for their diversity statement and work to make more space for diverse body in our industry. I'm honoured to represent Hoodlum Fang from now on!


Raven (she/her) (follow at @raven.sm_)

I’m Nadia, also known by the stage name of Raven Shemoans - she/her, and pleased to meet your acquaintance! I’ve been part of the Pole/aerial world since 2017 and just recently started teaching pole at GFFDamian in Manchester, UK. I always say Pole is my wife and hoop is my bit on the side, and I doubt that will change any time soon!

I stand for equality in all forms, holding people to account for their actions, and never being afraid to learn and grow - that especially includes myself. I started teaching pole to show the world that this plus ass can. I’m a big girl who doesn’t let gravity hold me down. Pole is for everybody, and I endeavour to make it an option for EVERY BODY.

I play fast and loose mixing the worlds of traditional exotic pole and more “sport” tricks, taking huge influence from old school stripper style and the new school American scene with big tricks and drops, and feel passionate that between teaching and performing that I offer something unique and unapologetically me.

My love for Hoodlum Fang started not long into taking up pole and aerial, when I discovered the Etsy store and just kind of sighed longingly at it but had a huge distrust of sizing options from the pole clothes world. When I learnt that there was options for custom sizing I was sold. I got my first items and the quality of the materials had be doubly sold. Chlo works to ensure that their work is of the best quality and sizing to make the range truly inclusive.

In summation - buy sexy pole clothes, be SWer positive, be anti-racist, anti-TERF, anti-homophobe, anti-sexist, anti-facist and wash your damn hands

I hope to see you at one of my classes in future, I’m currently teaching online stretch and pole classes @gffdamiandancestudio


Chrome Chronicles Pole Blog (she/her) (follow at @chromechroniclespole)

I have been pole dancing for five years now at Maya Dance and Fitness and Pink Kitten dance school in Bristol. My favourite styles of pole dance are anything that involves wearing massive heels and as little clothes as possible, as I’m an avid Sunday bumday enthusiast! I absolutely love working with Hoodlum Fang as they’re a bold and brilliant brand who actively promote inclusivity, diversity and the importance of using your voice and speaking out- which are all important attributes that align with my views.

I am one thousand percent pro Black Lives Matter and equal rights for people of all races and all members of the LGBTQIA+ community. I fully support sex work being de-criminalised. Also, pole dancing came from strippers and strip clubs, end of!

When I’m not pole dancing, I write about my pole dance adventures in my blog Chrome Chronicles, which represents an average dancer’s adventures in the world of pole dance (warning, it’s a bit of an NSFW read)! As well as pole dancing, my other favourite things in life are dogs, heavy metal, hip hop, whiskey and olives.

You can read The Chrome Chronicles Blog HERE!


Jax Pole (she/her) (follow at @jaxpole)

Jax became a Hoodlum Fang Ambassador in early 2019 and has enjoyed being a part of such a unique partnership!

Hoodlum Fang caught her eye solely because of the prints that were available. After seeing so many options in the pole community - none quite attracted her dark side until the variety that HF had to offer! Not only were the prints fabulous and came in a range of styles for tops, bottoms and so much more but they fit well too!

Jax was never petite and after trying on so many pole sets from other retailers, well - you can imagine how frustrating it is to find a good fit! Not only did the sizes fit well, they were easy to breathe and move in but also could create custom sizes AND prints! Mind. Blown. Chlo and HF embraced Jax's alternative style, curvy figure and overall eccentric personality - a match made in heaven!

Over the past year HF has grown not just in providing new accessories or styles but in their core values. They acknowledge diversity and support all body figures, genders, skin colors and so much more. Jax has always had an open door policy not only at her studio but in her heart and it was exciting to see her budding partnership also hold those same values. HF is welcoming to their growing Ambassadors and their retail clients. Jax is thrilled to be a part of something that goes so much further than just comfy, cute pole clothes (even though she wants every print!) and has a relationship with a company that isn't afraid to take a stand, use their voice and will back up their team. Hoodlum Fang is so much more than just a clothing store - it's a part of the community and Jax is so happy to be in their family!

Jax offers a range of online and in person classes as her studio @thepoleacademy. You can book your classes HERE!


Liam Tipping (he/him and they/them) (follow at @liamtippingpole)

I'm Liam (he/him, they/them) and I've been pole dancing and generally hanging upside down from things since 2012.

I train pole, aerial hoop, silks, contortion, and some flying trapeze when I get the chance!

I teach pole, hoop and flexibility classes, I always endeavour to make my classes as accessible and size inclusive as possible. If a move or a transition isn't working for your body, let's change it!

I adore Hoodlum Fang ever since I first stumbled upon them. I love their style and how inclusive they are. When friends and students ask me where I get my pole and aerial clothes from I want to be able to recommend a brand that fits ALL body types. HF ticks all my boxes.

I currently run online flexibility classes in a joint effort with my studio Aerial Impulse and fellow studio BodySynergy.


Chan (she/her) (follow at @mcchanningtonratchet & @knitsandbants)

Hey, my name is Chan (she/her) and super happy to be apart of Hoodlum Fang-ily. I’m almost 30 (yes I am that old, and thank you for thinking I’m that young) and I’ve been pole dancing for 9 years and been an instructor at Pole Academy London for 2 years.

I love the little things in pole, from a flexed heel pirouette to how a person inverts. Those little details make the difference for me. Being super strengthy is cool and stuff but it’s how you do it which makes go ‘oh sh**’. 

The best thing about Hoodlum Fang to me is that it includes everyone. The brand and Chlo, they-self (we are making it a thing because pronouns are important) are unapologetic and that is something I f*** with HARD. Diversity is an important subject to me so to be apart of this brand means a lot to me and having representation for everyone. 

I’m a firm believer in that you can do both, you can be sexy and funny, dark and light and also bat s*** crazy and totally sane. You don’t have to restrict yourself in one area in life so why do that in pole. Experiment with different movements, throw in a body wave just because you want to try something different. 

It’s always interesting to see how much the industry has grown since I started. Handsprings were the “in move” when I first started and it has definitely changed now. My sole advice for future polers is to go at your own pace. Don’t watch what others are doing especially if your body isn’t ready. Do your conditioning, work on regressions and you’ll get there a lot quicker than you think.